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Frequently Asked Questions of Acting and
Song Performance Coach
John Michael Ferrari

Q: What is "cabaret"?
A: Cabaret is defined as intimate, live entertainment.
Usually performed in a room seating less than 100 people,
the performance is personal, and from the heart. (Cabaret.org, 2/00)

Q: Can I take singing, acting or public speaking lessons from John Ferrari
if I live outside of the greater Los Angeles, California area?

A: Yes, John has students internationally.
Classes for "out-of-towners" are conducted by VHS tape
and Email. Some students use the regular mail service to back
and forth the VHS tapes. Others perfer an overnight mail service.
As always, the first consultation/lesson is FREE.

Q: How much are coaching lessons?
A: Lessons are $135 per hour in the Dynamic Performance studio in Hollywood,
California. Please email or call re lessons to be conducted via mail
or at a location other than in our studio.
Expenses include travel to and from the set as negotiated "travel time."

Q: Is there a fee to participate in the
The Working Actors Group?
A: No charge to paid up Screen Actors Guild members. Otherwise, $35 per week.
Auditions are required. Prepare monologue & bring good cold reading skills.
Focus in the workshop is on close up "on camera" work.

Q: Does it cost extra for Video Feedback?
A: No, only to the extent that the students provide their own VHS tape.

Q: Can anyone join the Working Actors Group?
A: No. Auditions are required. WAG is limited to talented actors
working with actors, with positive mental attitudes, who are
committed to the acting profession and want to improve their
acting skills.

Q: Which movies may I spot John Ferrari in?
A: When you rent "Gwenevere", "Being John Malkovich",
or "Man on the Moon".
Also look for this month's rerun of a TV episode of "Working",
where John sings in an elevator with the show's star, Fred Savage.

In addition, check out John's Acting Resume.
John sings and entertains on a regular basis with several different
bands and orchestras for charity events, corporate functions,
and other private parties. For current public appearances,
please visit Upcoming Performance Dates

Q: I am going to be doing a "cold reading" audition for a movie.
I have done only a few cold readings in professional auditions
and many times in practice in classes, etc.
Howver, my teachers never really said 'you should not do this' or 'you should do that.'
Do you have any advice for me? I really want to book this job.
Any advice would appreciated John. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you,
A: The best way to practice for cold reading auditions is to do "mock" auditions
over and over again.
Sign up for a service such as www.showfax.com (it's about $50 per year I think)
and then practice with the "sides" that you take off the service.
These are the sides that the casting directors place on the net for prepared auditions.
When you practice, the very best thing to do is to video tape yourself.
Be very critical of yourself. Some helpful tips ...
catch the text phrase by phrase ... and not word by word.
Also, make sure that the script isn't in the way, but is always handy.
Some people like to hold their elbow into side so the script doesn't move around.
Follow the script with your thumb ... so you always know where you are.
The goal in cold reading is to deliver the lines naturally while looking at
the other actor (or reader) and to continue to look at them at them while
they're delivering you their lines.
Then, immediately after their line ... grab a phrase or sentence from the script
and you start all over, etc. If you want ... put some practice cold reading on video
and email me . .. I'll give you my address and you can overnight
it to me and I'll give you specific feedback.
My first consultation is always free anyway! Good luck.
And remember, there's no such thing as a bad audition ... only learning experiences.

For more information
or to schedule an audition
please contact
John Michael Ferrari or Pepper Jay
Pepper J. Productions
Hollywood, California

or call John or Pepper
at (323) 957-1168 x2